Using body movement as a complement to psychotherapy can deeply enhance the healing process.  Research has shown that yoga, in particular, "should be considered as a complementary therapy or alternative method for medical therapy in the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders as it has been shown to create a greater sense of well-being, increase feelings of relaxation, improve self-confidence and body image, improve efficiency, better interpersonal relationships, increase attentiveness, lower irritability, and encourage an optimistic outlook on life." 

One of the beautiful things about yoga that is contentment and acceptance of you as you are; you can be your authentic self.  

If you are looking to start your yoga practice but aren't sure how, consider allowing me to join you.  I have seen firsthand how therapeutic building a yoga practice into one's daily life can be.  It would be my honor to practice alongside you and support you in building your own practice.  Once a week, I offer a combined Yoga + Therapy Session.  $250 includes all registration fees, equipment rental, and therapy.  






Authentic Self 

Thursdays at 4:30pm

60 minutes of a

Flow & Meditation group class taught by a Certified Yoga Instructor

Followed by a


therapy session

in a private room

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